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A Little About Myself


Work History

Verano (Spring / Summer) – 2016 – Resident Loop
I Looped more than anyone they’ve ever had there before.

Invierno (Fall / Winter) – 2015 – Loop Intern
Mastered skills in Looping.

I made things


I once met Laurence Fishburn when I was completely and utterly drunk. He’s tall.
  • Why poke the bear when you can poke the bare
    Chris loop
  • I used to be married to him.
    Chris Loop’s First wife
  • Number 43, your order is ready.
    The guy who served me the best burger I’ve ever eaten

Latest Designs

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  • Fortress of bonertude

  • devil in a red dress

  • Loop

Summer Shirts

Just in time to grab some attention

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Owen King

Fashion Designer & Seamster

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(555) 555-5555

8000 Wilshire Blvd. Unit 505
PO Box 8888
Los Angeles, CA 90210

Where You Can Find Me

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